GRID & EMI PROTECTOR sind der Beginn von etwas völlig neuem

"With the Schnerzinger Grid Protector and the EMI Protector, the portal to the music goes beyond the usual markings and expectations, and the newfound reproduction is imbued with a sense of calm and serenity, unlike any similar device I have tried over the years."

A new world with ESSENTIAL

Why am I writing these lines now? My enthusiasm for these Schnerzinger products knows hardly any bounds. Here, no resolution is bought over an annoying high frequency range. Everything is just right. Everything seems so incredibly natural. To test the cables, you only have to reconnect them once. There is no rewiring to hear any difference. It is simply striking. This is not about partials. It's not about a piece of the pie, it's the whole bakery. Yes, there's more to it. But only if EUR is perceived as three letters.

"Sound descriptions lose importance..."

"The search for the best cabling has come to an end. More spatiality, more details. Sound descriptions lose their meaning because there is only music.

Those who now want to improve further can confidently concentrate on other areas of their system or order additional or even higher-quality Schnerzinger products.

You will hardly find better cables elsewhere."

"...suppress my tears during some pieces".

It is the first cables that really touch my heart when listening to music. I just listen and don't think: this is missing, this is too much, etc. I ONLY HEAR... deeply touched - the music.
The Schnerzinger cables do everything right, in a quality I have not yet experienced. But what makes them incomparable is that they grab me with my soul and bring me to the heart of the music.

"Unbelievable! And we had heard before with the most expensive equipment."

The airiness and openness was insane, this tangible physicality of the individual tones, coupled with a real, inner dynamics, which simply grabs you and pulls you right into the music. No other cable has been able to build this up so far, without any price limit, in my system. Great cinema and a huge compliment to the Schnerzinger team. They are really a big step ahead. The cables will hurt many market competitors very much, they just do not know it yet :-)

"My excitement is hard to put into words..."

My heartfelt thanks to the Schnerzinger team, the current state marks a level of maturity in naturalness and emotion that can hardly be surpassed. The competition will have to stretch themselves extremely if they want to keep up at this level.

My utmost respect, keep it up!

I am thrilled!"


For your initial interest, I would rate the demo as one of the best in my HiFi hobby journey. Nothing prepares me for such encounter and it totally goes beyond what I possibly can imagine. I can’t describe the sound I heard in HiFi jargon as I felt I was not merely listening to reproduction music. The effects from SCHNERZINGER are so real and alive that I can literally touch the musicians and feel like inside the venue with them.


Wer das Beste sucht, sollte zumindest seine eigenen Hörerfahrungen machen und sich von diesen Kabeln einen persönlichen Eindruck verschaffen. Erst dann weiß man überhaupt was möglich ist. Ich kenne meine Komponenten von Hifi-Messen und aus eigenen Hörerfahrungen. Von daher kann ich von mir behaupten, dass diese ohne die Schnerzingerkabel nicht annähernd auf einem solch hohen Level spielen. Die Geschwindigkeit der Wiedergabe ist deutlich gebremster und vor allem in der räumlichen Abbildung und Natürlichkeit beschnittener. Ein Zurück ist für mich undenkbar.

Looking back I see that this was really big luck

Adding your new Protector products to the system to dejam devices, GRID and room something happens, which gives the term “listening to music” an completely new meaning to me. Deeply touching musicality, realism close to witchcraft, enthusiasm which keeps your feet moving. Your products cause a constant smile in my face!

This is absolutely madness, magic, no idea what it is.

It’s not a question of better or worse. It’s not a question whether it fits in your chain or not. When you have heard it, you want to have it. In my view Schnerzinger is not about better cables, it’s a revolutionary concept with unbelievable results.