Never expected to be so good

I live in Brazil, in the Northeast part of the country. The hot weather all the year and our beautiful beaches make the place ideal for vacations.
But for us audiophiles it is very hard to test and to buy gear. About 3.000 km far from the Brazilian dealers, located most of them in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, we still face the fact that most of the top high end cables brand are not even for sell in our country.

When I decided to invest this year to upgrade and have a really top high-end system, my problem was to decide about interconnect and speaker cables, as I wouldn’t have many options to test before buying. So a lot of research in forums and high end shows reviews were the path to decide what cables I should purchase.

The choice, after a little chat with Michael Schwab from Schnerzinger, was Schnerzinger new entry line REFERENCE 2000 and two pairs of cable cleaners.

I couldn’t be happier than I am now. It is amazing the transparency, body, correct reproduction of the music this cable allows. The cleaners are a very special type of accessory. Easy to set up, cleaners make an enormous difference in the sound quality, expanding the sound stage, more body to the sound reproduction. Many friends got impressed when we disconnect the cleaners and connect again. The effect is immediate.

I am a very happy client of Schnerzinger cables. Never expected to be so good.

João from Brazil

— Joao —

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