„We did not expect such an increase in transparency, dynamics and spatiality“

The desire for good music reproduction has accompanied me for 40 years. I have decided in favor of Schnerzinger since 2012 and have tried other cables since then, but then I stayed with it.
For about 5 years I was actually completely satisfied with my Schnerzinger wiring (power, phono and speakers) in connection with my Wilson Alexia S2. I recently bought an old dream in the form of a Wilson Audio Maxx3 and since I knew that Dirk Klocke also had experience with this speaker, after a short phone call I decided to buy new speaker cables. It took a while until the speaker cables from the new series were with me, but then I called another Wilson fan and together with him installed the new cables between my Devialet Expert 1000 pro and the Maxx3. 
You can really say that we were "shocked" by how much new speaker cables can affect the result. We did not expect such an increase in transparency, dynamics and spatiality. One would rather think that the electronics were replaced here. Many pieces of music can now be heard anew and I have already discovered some information in the music that was not heard at all before. That was worth it! Excellent!

Many thanks and best regards to Dirk! Rainer D..“

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Hong Kong

Thank you, Michael for visiting my place during your recent stay in Hong Kong. I also appreciated for your introduction and demo of the product

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